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Cua Lo Beach

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Cua Lo Beach is nestled on the coast of Central Vietnam’s, Nghe An Province. Cua Lo is that rarified, diamond-in-the-rough beach getaway, intrepid travelers dream about…

Cua Lo is a small, quaint, utterly beautiful beachside community. Overshadowed as a tourist destination by the much better known, heavily-developed haunts like Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc et al.

Cua Lo is an idyllic seaside setting that harkens images of unspoiled paradise. And while Cua Lo Beach is only 14-kilometers from Vinh International Airport (Vinh being the capital city of the Nghe An Province) it feels a million-miles away from the hustle and bustle.

Cua Lo Sunrise

The beachfront is currently remodeling. The rows of shanty-type restaurants, which once lined the beach, have been taken down. The new beachfront promenade will feature more public access—walking paths, trees, and foliage—showcasing theme-type settings where visitors can eat, imbibe, stroll, and take in the views. It’s a facelift designed to make the beachfront more alluring and entertaining.

Just a block from the beach is Cua Lo town. Hotels (plenty of the mom-and-pop variety as well as the multi-starred versions), cafés, restaurants, karaoke parlors, beer stalls, small markets (including the open aired version where vegetables, fruit, meat and produce are readily available and fresh daily).

Like most beach environs, the folks of Cua Lo are welcoming, laid back and easy going. Visitors are warmly embraced, particularly Westerners (who are a rare sight indeed).

Cua Lo is quintessential, rural Viet Nam—roosters running about, water buffalo sunk in ponds up to their snouts, leaves burning in neatly swept piles. Cua Lo is a cultural bonanza—salt water and fresh water fishing, bike rides to old temples or fishing villages—boat rides to the island of Hon Ngu. Simply put, Cua Lo beach is an uncluttered paradise—a year-round getaway for those seeking a truly cultural escape off the well-worn path…

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Cua Lo Beach

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